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It was named because they have the same structure as iron at room temperature, ferritic stainless steel strip uses no nickel but has a minimum chromium content of 11%. Ferritic stainless steel strip offers fair corrosion resistance and good formability at low cost.

Ferritic stainless steels are the ideal solution for high volume applications, particularly in the domestic environment where moderate corrosion resistance is acceptable. Good examples include hinges and stays in the UPVC window hardware industry.

Ferritic stainless steel strip, especially 1.4016 (AISI 430) and 1.4113 (AISI 434), can be manufactured with a highly reflective surface and are popular in areas such as automotive trim.

Ferritic stainless steel strip, unlike most stainless steel strip, are attracted to a magnet.


  Abbreviation Type of process route Surface finish / notes
Hot Rolled 1E Hot rolled, heat treated, mechanically descaled. Free of scale, coarse ground or shot blasted.
1D Hot rolled, heat treated, pickled. Free of scale, not as a smooth as a 2D or 2B finish.
Cold Rolled 2D Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled. Smooth and dull, a finish for good ductility, not as smooth as 2B or 2R.
2B Cold rolled, heat treated, pickled. Smoother than 2D, a common finish for further processing, not bright.
2R Cold rolled, bright annealed. Smooth, bright, reflective, a common finish for further processing.
2H Cold rolled, work hardened. Bright, cold rolled to obtain a higher strength.
2Q Hardened and tempered, scale free. Free of scale, either bright hardened and tempered or descaled afterwards.


European Steel Designation
AISI Nearest Fit
Service Properties
X6 Cr16
430 Lower Chrome and the absence of Nickel result in a lower work hardening rate than austenitic grade resulting in a lower breaking strength especially when fully cold rolled. Most often used in the annealed (soft) condition this grade has good formability and a moderate corrosion resistance.

Unlike the austenitic grades the ferritic steels respond strongly to a magnet. When cold rolled and annealed the surface finish is reflective. It is significantly lower cost than the austenitic grades. Can only be hardened by cold work.
Automotive and domestic appliance trim, domestic sinks, domestic washer drums, floppy disc hub and pressings generally.
X6 Cr Mo 16-1
434 This grade has improved corrosion resistance compare with 1.4016 due to the addition of 1.0% Molybdenum. A favourite choice for up market automotive trim. Applications are found where there is a need to retain a good appearance.
X2 Cr Al Ti 18-2

Type 18-SR This steel has similar characteristics to the base ferritic grade 1.4016 and with improved high temperature resistance to scaling and increased electrical resistance. It is used in heat exchangers, electrical resistance applications such as dynamic braking and overload resistors.
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