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Flat Sheets are produced in various alloys, tempers(hardness), thicknesses, widths and lengths with surface finishes either in plain (mill) or coated.

Application :
Signboard, building facades, bus bodywork, wall claddings (curtain wall) for high-rise and industrial buildings, kitchen sinks, lamp holders, fan blades, component parts for electronic industry (capacity casings) , utensils , number plates, engineering etc.


Alloys : AA1050, AA1100, AA1200, AA3003, AA3004,AA3105, AA5005, AA5052, AA5083
Tempers : H0, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24,H34
Thickness : 0.21mm to 6mm
Width : 915mm ,1220mm & 1525 (standard), up to 2200mm(any non-standard width also available upon request)
Length: 2440mm , 3050mm & 3660mm (standard), up to 5000mm (any non-standard length also available upon request)
Finish : (i) Plain (mill) finish (standard),
(ii) Stucco embossed finish,
(iii) PVC coated finish,
(iv) Anodising coated finish.
(v) Polyester Color
(vi) PVDF color
(vii) Tread Plate / Checker Plate
(viii) Perforated
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